Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just Noticeable Difference

Our third retreat took place on Sunday, June 7 at Entre Hermanos. The focus at this third meeting was to continue relationship-building, as well as to discuss our name, vision, and decision-making process. Click here for a narrative of the retreat, and see postings below regarding the name and vision statement discussions.

Over the summer we plan on taking a break from retreats, but the work behind the scenes will continue. Liz, Anne and Stacey plan to meet with both Leticia Nieto and Karma Ruder. Leticia Nieto is the founder of the Beyond Inclusion model of anti-oppression work, and we will be speaking with her about a possible training in the fall as well as other collaborative efforts. We will be consulting with Karma Ruder from the Center for Ethical Leadership regarding decision-making and identifying processes that are likely to be most effective for our group. In addition we hope to have 1:1 meetings with many of you, to discuss your experiences thus far and what you envision your involvement with the group to be in the future. We also hope that you will all join in the electronic dialogue by posting to the blog.

In the fall we will hold a one or two day retreat, on October 10 and/or 11. One day will be devoted to finalizing decisions regarding our group’s name, mission and vision statements, and decision making processes. If enough people are interested in attending, the other day will be a full-day workshop with Leticia Nieto, where she will present her “Beyond Inclusion” model of anti-oppression work, tailored specifically to the goals and needs of our group. We hope by this fourth retreat to really be able to “launch” this project, with a clear sense of our purpose, vision, membership, and long and short-term goals.

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