Friday, February 11, 2011

Floods of change

- by Stacey Prince

History is unfolding before our eyes. I can't think of anything more important to write about this week than the happenings in Egypt. Who knew that a movement created by the people could overthrow a powerful and dictatorial government that had been ruling with oppression for 30 years? The people would not be suppressed, intimidated, or beaten into retreat; they perservered and made change happen. The beautiful Arab idiom which states that "a flood begins with a mere droplet" has been quoted in many recent articles. I love that image, and it causes me to wonder, where else are droplets falling into pools which run into streams which join rivers which overflow to a flood? I hope that TJP can be a droplet that is part of a growing movement in which healers of all kinds - psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, activists, advocates, physicians, body workers - look beyond our offices and our guild's needs and make it our jobs not just to heal psyches and bodies from the injuries of oppression, but also to confront, resist, reduce and eliminate that oppression at its source. Many droplets can lead to a flood of change.

Democracy Now coverage of Egyptian Revolution

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