Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Race and Parenting

- by Liz Goodwin

In this piece, Reflections on Race, ParentMap takes on the big, complex topic of cultural difference in parenting. Voices here in the Northwest, Theressa Lenear of Childcare Resources, journalist Naomi Ishisaka, Wendy Harris at Kindering Center, author Fran Davidson, and Heather D. Clark, PhD, take on issues of racism, class, religion, child development, health, and discipline. The notion that Eurocentric, Western notions of parenting are somehow inherently correct or evolved is questioned and wisdom, such as the role of grandparents or how White privilege impacts children, is imparted.

By addressing multicultural approaches to health and development, as well as historical racism, social justice and oppression as it relates to parenting, this piece seems to be a good fit for our blog. To read the article, click here.

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