Friday, July 9, 2010

ADWAS Founder Marilyn J. Smith Keynote Address

In May of 2010 we posted an article on the blog about a luncheon benefitting Abused Deaf Women's Advocacy Service (ADWAS) and honoring its founder, Marilyn J. Smith. We are now happy to be able to post a transcript of the talk Marilyn gave that day. In it she describes the need for advocacy services among Deaf and Deaf/Blind women and their families, the vision that led to the formation of ADWAS, and its development over the years. In addition it is inspiring to hear the story of another group that, like TJP, started with an idea and a vision, become a community, and developed over time through the hard work and creative energy of a group of passionate individuals. I hope you will take a few minutes to read her terrific speech.

Transcription of Marilyn J. Smith
May 5, 2010
ADWAS Strength and Courage Luncheon

Well, I’m happy all of you could come. When Carol and I talked about this and she said she wanted me to talk about ADWAS from its founding back in the old days up to present day, and to do it in 15 minutes, I thought, “Wow. How can I condense 25 years in 15 minutes?” Well, I’ll give it a try.

Some people don’t know our story, and I tend to sometimes say, “my story... our story” but it really is not my story, it’s a group of people who started ADWAS. I often get the credit, but there were many people involved, if truth be told.

To read entire transcript click here.

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