Thursday, January 14, 2010

Social Class and Finances Related to Mental Health

Posted by Anne Phillips

The article posted below discusses the revelation of combining financial planning with mental health therapy. Currently, and historically,( it is of no surprise to you TJP readers), folks struggling with poverty are experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety, so the idea came to coach financial planners with mental health training.

TJP already recognizes how societal inequality, poverty, injustice are used as justifications to blame individual peoples for their struggles and "mental health" symptoms. The purpose of TJP is to stop blaming and/or ignoring the individual because "they" have the problem and instead recognize "we" all have the responsibility of systematic inequalities to address. If mental health and the healing arts were truly inclusive of the impact of the collective, what we call mental health today would be completely redefined.

One example of possibilities to draw from is from author and activist, Urvashi Vaid. She talks about the movement of "social capitalism" -that capitalism will not die, but equitable shared capitalism for all to take part in is possible, instead of the monopolies that currently control the markets. Ms. Vaid is the author of the book,
Virtual Equality: The Mainstreaming of Gay and Lesbian Liberation.

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