Friday, May 15, 2009

Mission Statement

Among our other objectives for Retreat #3, we would like to work on developing a mission statement. Our mission statement should be short but pithy enough to communicate important information to others right away about what our group is all about, and what we are trying to accomplish. We will also work on developing some specific, short-term goals and objectives. In preparation for this work we would like to start a conversation here. Below are some guiding questions to begin to get us thinking about our mission and objectives:

- What are the relationships between psychology and social justice that you are interested in exploring?
- What are we trying to do that's different than what's already out there (i.e., why do you want to spend some Saturday afternoons with us, and not with all of the other wonderful groups we are all a part of?)
- What are you hoping to get out of this personally? Out of the many objectives that we might have, what are your personal priorities?

When you answer these questions, keep in mind that we are developing objectives for right now--these will likely change over time. Our mission statement, on the other hand, should be able to encompass our values, objectives and activities for a longer period of time (many organizations revisit their mission statement every couple of years).

Please feel free to post comments to this and/or to begin your own topic of conversation.

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